Q - How long does it take before my tagMs order will arrive?

A – We typically ask for 2-3 weeks for production on custom decals that we need to design, print and die cut but simple label orders typically ship sooner. Shipping time is not included in production time.

Q - Are tagMs sports decals square or can we choose another shape?

A – Our sports decals are custom die cut to your team logo. Yup, we go that extra mile to ensure that you look totally pro so we don’t just print them, we laminate them and cut them to order. They are truly customized for you.

Q - I've heard that some decals can void the warranty on my helmet. How does that work with tagMs decals?

A – Unlike other companies, we only use the highest quality material that is actually engineered for helmet and sports usage. Your warranty will not be affected by using our decals.

Q - Is there a minimum order quantity or value that we need to meet in order to purchase from tagMs?

A – As long as you purchase our label or decal kits, we do not impose a minimum. The kit itself is our minimum.

Q - Do you offer volume discounts?

A – We do offer volume discounts for larger orders for teams, leagues and companies. A volume order is considered  to be 15 kits or more. Please contact tagMs to discuss pricing if you have a volume order. Custom orders are welcome.

Q - Do your sports decals come off easily?

A – The material we use is engineered for helmet and sports usage. Our decals are scratch resistant, water resistant and tear resistant. They will cleanly remove without residue within 1 year of application and normal use.

Q - How do tagMs decals stand up to other sticker companies?

A – We’ve bought them, tested them,  and we can say with pride and joy that our decals are head and shoulders above anyone else’s on the market. We believe this so strongly that we guarantee it.

Q - Why is your guarantee so good?

A – We don’t just want you to shop with confidence, we want you to tell all your friends about us! Our guarantee is good because we only use the best materials because we really care about what our customers think, period!

Q - Do you offer fundraising opportunities?

A – Yes absolutely, and we encourage it too! Check out our tagMs fundraising program. It’s easy to raise money for your team, school, camp, organization or charity by offering a quality product that people actually want!

Q - I love your product and I'm interested in becoming a reseller. Is there an easy way to make that happen?

A – We are always looking for hardworking people to help spread the word. If you are interested, you can certainly become a tagMs affiliate by signing up online. Please read the details of how we work so that you can decide if it’s right for you.